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Average amount spent on coffee per week by working Americans 2011 (1)

According to Statista, the average worker between ages 18-34 spends about $25.00 per week on coffee, while the average worker over age 45 spends about $14.00 per week on coffee. (2)
That adds up, respectively, to about $100.00 and $56.00 per month.
A one hour, in-home Swedish massage can cost $70-$90 per session. (3)
Not that I don’t understand the love of java, but consider the benefits of regular massage therapy sessions: full body relaxation, loosening of tight muscles, relief from chronic pain conditions, increase in quality of sleep, and many more. (4)
Perhaps you could consider cutting back on your coffee expenses by brewing at home for a month. Then, invest that money in a massage with a licensed, qualified professional, and experience the difference massage therapy can make in your life!

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