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I don’t know how many of you are also in school, but this is a new year and a new semester for me. As I look ahead, managing a business, a full load of classes, and a personal life begins to feel a bit daunting. One strategy I use to keep cool is to schedule known events or projects as far ahead in advance as possible. Things may change, certainly, but having a good idea of what lies ahead lets me prepare. It also prevents me from over booking my tasks. For example, I know the week leading up to exams is going to be very hectic, so I’ll try to get as much business related tasks done before then so I have less things to worry about on those important dates. Planning ahead also gives me a chance to plan me time: I schedule my workouts like any other event in my calendar, and I also schedule time to decompress. I’ll catch up on a film I’ve been meaning to see or a book I never got around to finishing, or take some time to visit some place I haven’t been before … even if it’s just that smoothie place everyone keeps talking about. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grandiose; just something to take my mind off the ever-looming To Do List. And, of course, scheduling a massage is always an excellent option!

What’s a strategy you’re using to keep it all together this year?