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Are poor sleeping habits affecting your work performance? Getting enough sleep may be hard to manage considering our hectic lifestyles, but just as bad as not going to bed early enough is suffering from poor quality sleep … tossing and turning, waking up every few hours, having trouble falling asleep in the first place, etc. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation has been shown to negatively affect concentration, mood, energy levels, and over-all health, and this can bleed over into all aspects of your life including work and school.
Try committing to an earlier bed time for 1 month, and note the difference it makes. And, if your troubles stem more from an inability to sleep than from over-scheduling yourself, commit to getting some help from a trusted professional. Your doctor surely has some great advice for getting better sleep. Practices like yoga and meditation can also be a welcome addition to your lifestyle. Of course, don’t forget to incorporate regular massage therapy sessions into your routine! Massage has proven itself as an effective therapy for improving quality of sleep, and for reducing overall levels of stress and anxiety.
You work hard, and your body deserves the best rest it can get! Make a change today!

If you’re still not convinced you need better sleep, read more about how a lack of sleep can affect your professional life from The Wall Street Journal:

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