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Are you a massage therapist, too? Or are you a client? What inspired your interest in massage?

I came to massage in 2000 and loved it from the start. Life created a bit of a hiatus from the field for me, but I ultimately returned because it’s something I love and am passionate about.

I want massage to become as normal a part of life for people as going to the gym or making healthy food choices. From reducing stress to helping people find relief from aches and pains, I’ve seen the difference massage can make in our lives firsthand. Of course, I also love to get massages myself!

The best thing to understand about massage is that it’s effects are cumulative. Yes, that first massage is great and you’ll feel great for a while afterwards. But if you continue to get massages regularly, you’ll really see the difference in your life. You’ll likely start sleeping better, the daily aches you just accept as a part of life may lessen, and your overall sense of well-being will improve. And that’s just the start!

There are so many therapists and so many different kinds of massages that you’re likely to find a therapist or two who really address the specific issues you want help with. Another great thing about massage is that to maintain your license, continuing education is a must. We are always learning! And research about massage is continuous and expanding, too!

I hope you’re committed to creating the life you dream of for yourself and, if that life includes great health and wellness, then consider booking an appointment with a licensed, professional therapist in your area today. And if you’re already a client – keep it up!